Gleec Card

Spend your Gleec Coin, BTC and others wherever Visa is accepted. Convenience without abusive fees

Find out the inside the app crypto to fiat conversion. Send crypto from your wallet to your Gleec Card in seconds

We power payments all over the world 24/7, every day. Accepted at more than 50 million merchants worldwide

Gleec Card offers Plastic and Virtual Cards. Order the Plastic and have it always with you. Get a Virtual, use it online or connect to ApplePay and use it anywhere, anytime

Gleec Coin

Gleec Coin is an utility coin that finds its main use as the native coin of Gleec Ecosystem, a digital ecosystem powered by blockchain technology

Use the coin to top-up your Visa Gleec Card and pay for goods and services

The products and solutions aggregated to the coin create a power of versatility that provides liquidity

To offer more flexibility, the coin was created based on a decentralised chain system

In order to guarantee a safe trading environment for Gleec Coin holders, we list only on the world top exchanges

GLEEC can also be found in non-custodial DeFi solutions, like GleecDEX and AtomicDEX

Gleec Pay

Fully-digital bank account with crypto-friendly IBAN

The safety of regular banks aggregated to the flexibility of crypto

Virtual IBANs allow you to send and receive payments worldwide instantly, without the cost and complexity of managing a physical account. Open a free account from wherever you are

B2C or B2B, our state-of-the-art security means your money is in safe hands

Gleec BTC Exchange

An easy and safe way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from your mobile or your computer

Open an account for free and get access to a wide range of crypto and traditional currencies

The exchange network was designed to ensure great transparency, guaranteed security and easy traceability

Gleec BTC accepts euro as a currency and makes it easy for you to buy, withdraw and trade. Enjoy the pairs EUR-GLEEC and EUR-BTC

With more funding options, we offer our customers high trade volume and maximum cryptocurrency liquidity

We look to minimize complexity and find smart and simple solutions. Trading is complex, our job is to make life easy for our users

Gleec Dex

Secure wallet and non-custodial decentralised exchange

your trading

Compatible to the coin chain architecture, GleecDEX empowers you to trade Gleec Coin directly, without any intermediary or custodian

GleecDEX allows the users to keep control of the wallet's private keys without the need to submit personal information

Try GleecDEX in any device. The app is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

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